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THE ULTIMATE CLASSIC CAR GUIDE - How to Buy, Maintain and Repair Classic Cars is a comprehensive and illustrated +530 page “How to” guide that describes the process of buying your first classic car, how it functions, how to take care of it and how to do your diagnosis and repairs. Basic mechanical and electrical concepts, as well as tools and skills required, are explained.


Over 200 of the most important car components, how they work and what can go wrong with them are thoroughly described. This includes simple illustrations and example pictures with clear and understandable language.


This guide provides mechanical knowledge to help the reader talk intelligently with mechanics, understand repair manuals, and diagnose car problems.


There are many practical guides and tips to save time and cost with the ownership of classic cars. The book is specifically oriented towards practicality and car-related maintenance, prevention, diagnosis and repair with simple means and no expensive analysers or professional garage equipment.




Included in the book purchase is the Auto Log Book. This is a 64-page logbook for all car makes and models to log, track and check all major repair and maintenance events.


Option "paperback" will come with both books delivered as a paperback.
Option "hardback" will come with both books delivered as a hardback. 


For full details please refer to the Auto Log Book product page


Size Details


How to Book: 29.5 x 21.5 cm (A4)

Auto Log Book: 21.5 x 15.5 cm (A5)




The book will be delivered in the most up to date version which currently is V2.6


Digital Version


After placing your order, you will receive access to the digital version within 24 hours. All future updates will be available via the ebook.


Worldwide Shipping

Traceable Shipping: €15 / $17 (8 - 10 days)
Priority Traceable Shipping: €25 / $28 (5 - 8 days)

Printing Time


3 - 5 working days printing 



If the book doesn't arrive within 30 days, please get in touch. International shipping can sometimes take up to 30 days depending on the country and the remoteness of the postal address.

No Returns

Please note that this book is printed only when you order it. We don't offer returns. If the product is damaged or faulty please get in touch via email within 4 weeks with photos and a description of the damage.  

The Ultimate Classic Car Guide