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Smart Carbon Fibre Key Organiser

From a messy and jiggling keychain to a compact and organised key holder, this organiser keeps all keys tidy. 

The key organiser can hold 8 keys with the original inserts and comes with  4 extension studs to hold 6 more keys. In total, a maximum of 14 skinny keys can be added to the standard pack. 


Size: 90 x 21 x 17 mm




2x Riveted Carbon Shells

2x Sets of Brass Screws

1x Key Ring Insert

12x Rubber Spacer Washers

4x Extension Studs

1x Small Keyring


A: Bottle Opener / Measuring Ruler

B: Belt Holder Ring

C: Multi-Purose Clip

D: Extention Kit incl. Washers


Keys, USB stick, airtag and airtag holder are not included.

Carbon Fibre Key Organiser