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Phone Call & Test Drive Checklist to Buy a Classic Car

The Phone Call & Test Drive Checklist will help you plan and execute on purchasing a classic car.

You can access the Phone Call and Test Drive Checklist by leaving your first name and Email address in the form below. (Please don't fill in fake information 🙏) 

After submitting the form, you'll receive an email with a link to get access to the checklist in my Google Drive folder, where you can view it and create a copy for yourself to adapt it to your needs. A detailed explanation of each point in the checklists can be found in my ebook/paperback here


I will be sending you occasional car tips & tricks as well as an offer to my ebook. I won't be spamming you with tons of emails, I and neither you have time for spam. If you don't like them just hit reply, write "stop" and I'll take you off the list.

Phone Call Checklist

Use the Phone Call Checklist not to forget to ask the seller all the essential questions on the phone. You usually only have 10-15 Minutes to find out all the basic info you need to arrange a viewing and to make sure the car is what you are looking for.

Testdrive Checklist

Use the Testdrive Checklist when you go for the viewing. Cross off every point on the list not to forget to check all crucial parts of the car. Right after the viewing write down your notes on the checklist to review it later. During a car viewing, you usually only have one hour to inspect everything, and the checklist will give you a plan and process on how to do the viewing effectively.

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