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Fuel & Maintenance Log

The Fuel & Maintenance Log is a Google table template that lets you log your fuel consumption, maintenance and repair events.

You can access the Fuel & Maintenance Log by leaving your first name and Email address in the form below. After submitting the form, you'll be redirected to the log template where you can view it and create a copy for yourself to adapt it to your needs. A detailed explanation of each point in the checklists can be found in the book here

Fuel Log

Use this template to track all your fuel fillups, mileage and cost. It's important to know how much fuel your car consumes to detect issues with the engine early. 


Maintenance Log

Use this template to log all minor and major carried out maintenance and repair works. Keep track of everything so you know when the next service is due and to have records available when selling the car.


Fuel & Maintenance Logs

Google Sheets Instructions 

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